Q. What is Goodbox?

Goodbox is an app for users to find and buy from businesses directly. You can chat, order and pay these businesses on Goodbox.

Q. How can I place an order on Goodbox?

You can use the search option to find a business, chat or go through their menu to place your order. You can then pay them on the app itself or choose to pay by cash.

Q. How do I find my trusted business?

You can search for your business on Goodbox by entering their name or looking for businesses in your locality.

Q. Are there any delivery charges or a minimum order amount?

Goodbox is a platform that connects you with various businesses directly. The delivery charges, minimum order amount and the area of service, etc. depends on the business. Goodbox plays no part in deciding the delivery charges.

Q. How much time it will take for the delivery of the products?

Delivery or shipping is taken care of by the business and hence the time duration for the same depends on them. It is typically within 24 hours & not exceeding 48 hours unless explicitly mentioned by the business at the time of purchase. Goodbox plays no part in determining the time taken to ship or deliver the products

Q. Can I pay online to the business using Goodbox app?

Yes you can.

Q. What is Favorite? How will it help me if I Favorite a business?

One can favorite a business on Goodbox app. It means that you would like to be connected with the business and allow them to reach out to you with exclusive offers / announcements once in a while. All your favorite businesses will be available to you in one place so that you don't have to search for them every time.

Q. What is the return, cancellation policy at Goodbox?

Any return claim has to be made within 7 working days (Sundays and national holidays are not included) of the receipt of the product or service purchased. In case of any dispute or chargeback Goodbox would take responsibility of the refund amount to the customer, post assessment. You can chat with Goodbox support on our app for any of the issues you face & we will assist you.