What can I do with my Mini App?

Get a mobile identity

Your Mini App is your mobile identity. With Goodbox you get an iOS app, Android app and a free website that's optimized for the desktop & mobile. It's the best mobile identity for your venture.

Customize your mobile identity

It's very easy to edit your Mini App. You can use the Goodbox Partner App to make these changes.

Invite your customers

It's super easy to invite your existing customers to check out your Mini App and your Mini Site. There are multiple options inside the Goodbox Partner App to invite customers.

Create a customer database

You can add customers to your Goodbox Partner App and reach out to them with new updates / offers at regular intervals through notifications. This way you can save on SMS & e-mail costs.

Show your catalog online

Customers are looking for your catalog / list of services. Make it available online easily by adding and editing it on the Goodbox Partner App.

Get Repeat Business

You can share reward points with your customers & get them to come back to you again and again.

Collect Online Payments

Goodbox is the easiest way to collect online payments. Just share links with your customers and get them to pay you. It's very easy to enable online payments on Goodbox.

Take online orders

You can accept orders from your customers easily now. They can view your catalog and place orders through your Mini App or Mini Site and pay you online as well.

How Businesses use Goodbox

Q&A with Swati

What is this Mini App?
Hi I’m Swati from Goodbox. Let me tell you more about Mini Apps. Haven’t you seen apps of online companies and hoped you could have one too? We wanted to cater to millions of businesses like you so we created readymade apps and called them ‘Mini Apps’.
Interesting. But what do these Mini Apps do?
Well these Mini Apps are readymade with very rich functionality.
Can you tell me about some specific features?
You can upload your business/company profile, upload product/service details, accept online payments, live chat with customers, view analytics, give reward points etc. Basically all those things that you would want in your own app – but without all the headache and costs. Mini Apps cost less than 1% the cost of making your own app.
Do you know how much it could cost to make your own app?
I’m not sure. Can you tell me?
They can cost anywhere between Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore – depending on the complexity.
Really? Apps are that expensive? How come?
Apps can take anywhere between 6 months to a year to create. You have to find a designer who will create your app designs. Share this with developers and then keep hand holding them till they deliver your app. Android and iOS developers are in huge demand and command high salaries. Finding an agency who will make the app is also not straight forward. Overall, it’s a huge task to make your own app.
I see. So can I say that a Mini App is like a shortcut for me to get my own app?
Absolutely. It’s a readymade app so you don’t have to go through the entire headache. It comes pre-packaged with functionality you would like in your own app. These Mini Apps are hosted on the Goodbox Mega App.

Can you tell me more about what Goodbox is?
Goodbox is a Mega App. Consumers don’t like downloading apps of individual businesses. So we created a Mega App that can host millions of Mini Apps. Which means that customers just have to download the Goodbox App and search for your Mini App. They can then add your Mini App to the Goodbox home screen and use it easily to buy from you directly.
But where is my company branding if customers download Goodbox?
Your Mini App has your company’s branding. Goodbox is just a wrapper. When customers add your Mini App to their Goodbox screen, they see your company’s logo. Your logo also gets added to their mobile screen as a shortcut. Having a Mini App on Goodbox is as good or better than having your own app :)
Very interesting. Thank you for your help Swati :)

What can I do with my Mini App?
Imagine adding up the powers of a website (information) + telephone line (communication) + swipe machine (online payment). That’s what a Mini App can do for your business. You can provide information about your business & products / services, you can allow your customers to communicate with you online and you can get them to pay you online as well. There are multiple other features such as analytics, reward points etc that you can enable for your business. This truly takes you online.
Now I completely understand what a Mini App is. Thanks a lot Swati!
Every business may have a different requirement. Does the Mini App differ by business category?
Yes and No. Some of the components in Mini Apps are common for every business – such as live chat, business profile and online payments. However, like you said, different businesses may have different requirements. For example a restaurants wants to show their menu, while a hotel wants to show their rooms and a gym wants to show their different subscription plans. We call this particular component the booking engine. With Goodbox, you can choose your category and you’ll get a relevant booking engine for your business.
Wow. That’s very interesting. How many booking engines do you have?
We have created booking engines for categories and use cases. We have booking engines for supermarkets, restaurants, product sellers, service providers, meat shops, chemists, travel agents, broadband and cable providers, local bill payments, monthly bill collections (gyms, schools, apartments, tuitions etc) among others. Some businesses may not require a booking engine – so the Mini App works perfectly in its raw form itself.
This is great. Thanks for your help Swati :)

I’m curious. How are Mini Apps so cheap when apps are so expensive?
Good question. Apps are expensive because developers work specifically for your requirement. Mini Apps have understood the most generic requirements most businesses have and created readymade apps that come pre-packaged with these components. So we have put in a one-time effort and can now sell these readymade apps to millions of businesses – making it a lot cheaper for everyone.

It’s the difference between having a buffet and ordering the same items individually. Since the buffet is made for many, the cost comes down vs ordering the items individually for one person. Mini Apps follow the same principle.
Thanks for that example Swati. Now I understood. You are basically making the Mini Apps once and selling it to millions of businesses. I get it. Makes sense. Thanks once again :)

Swati, can you tell me how I can get started with my Mini App?
Mini Apps are made so that you can cater to your existing users in the easiest way possible. They should be able to see your business profile, catalog etc. So, the first step is to add all your business details using the Goodbox Partner App. Once you’re done doing that, you can start inviting your customers. There are multiple ways in which you can do this. View the slideshow here to see how to do this.
How can my customers use my Mini App?
A customer can use your Mini App in multiple ways. They can use it to view your product / service details, order online, ask you questions over live chat, or pay you online. So, it can be used for information, communication or commerce – whatever the customer prefers.
How can I invite my customers?
We have provided various ways to help you invite your customers. Along with a Mini App we provide you with a free website too. So, you can either share the web link with your customers or get them to download your Mini App through that link. Or you can get them to download the Goodbox App and search for your Mini App. You can do this over SMS to your existing customers, over Facebook, WhatsApp or even send automatic SMSes to customers who call you. Every incoming caller can get an SMS inviting him/her to your Mini App. It couldn’t get easier to spread the word about your app!
That sounds very helpful. I didn’t know you provide a free website too!
Yes. We do. This helps your customer get a feel of what they’ll get in your Mini App. Pushing for app downloads can face resistance – having a website helps in such cases.
That makes sense. Thanks once again for your help! :)
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