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Making delicious food since 1966

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India runs on Chai

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Khushi Unlimited

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Mini App is everything an app is and much more!

Control your Customer Experience

Invite your customers and start chatting with them directly using Goodbox Partner App.

Manage your inventory

Update prices and availability of your products, both from web and mobile.

Launch your Loyalty Points

Attract more customers by giving exclusive offers and discounts.

Get Online Payments

Collect Online payment via App, Web, SMS, WhatsApp, E-mail and more instantly.

Manage Store Look

Make your Online Store look World-Class.

Rich Reports

Get access to consumer insights that can help improve sales and customer experience.

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Supermarkets / Restaurants / Meat Shops / Vegetable Shops / Laundries
₹ 2999 / year
1 %
Other Businesses
₹ 2999 / year
1.99 %
Plan Information

Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Goodbox Mega App exists both on Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad) so your consumers can access your Mini App on both the platforms. You also get a free mobile-optimized website that’s accessible on any browser and desktop.

Online Payment charges

Online payment charges are levied by the payment gateway on the transaction amount. Service tax is charged by Govt. on the transaction charges.

Manager accounts

You can add team members (using their mobile number) to manage your Mini App and take orders if you are not available. Permissions for each of the users can be controlled.

Ordering / Booking system

You can upload name, description, price and photo of your products / services. Ordering / Booking system will be based on the kind of business you have. You can check a sample Mini App on the Goodbox Mega App to understand more about Ordering / Booking systems.

SMS marketing currency

You can send SMSes free of cost to your consumers for marketing purposes. The credits can only be used to send messages to your consumers (and not a generic database) as this is a legal requirement.

E-mail marketing currency

You can send E-mail free of cost to your consumers for marketing purposes.

Goodbox Coupons

Goodbox gives 25% off (Max. Rs. 50) to your customers who install the app for the first time.

Launch your Reward Points program

You can give your consumers yet another reason to keep buying from you by extending reward points for buying from your Mini App. You have complete freedom on the the amount of reward points you want to give them. They can spend the reward points only on your Mini App. 10 Reward Points = 1 Rupee.

Goodbox Marketing Support

Goodbox will provide marketing support for your Mini App by providing In-Store merchandise and expertise to help you invite your customers to your Mini App.

Analytics & Reports

You can get reports about consumer spends and behavior directly to your phone every day. The reports can be used to increase sale and customer loyalty.

Goodbox Explore Slot

Your Mini App will be accessible on the Goodbox Mega App explore page. This will help you make your Mini App reach a wider audience. It also makes your consumers discover your Mini App faster.

Dedicated on Call Support

A Goodbox executive will provide help to get you on-board, upload your products, train you and the team on how to use the platform to help cater to your customers online.